Computer Repair,Laptop Repair in Wrexham Chester & Ellesmere

Everything is PC Computer Repair Wrexham,Ellesmere and Chester offer a broad range of PC support from computer upgrades, laptop repairs, virus removal, data backup, PC to PC transfer and network solutions to name a few. We are situated in Wrexham, North Wales and Chester Cheshire and have over twenty years of IT experience. We specialise in support for the home user focusing on maintenance, repair and support. No task is too small. Need a Laptop, Notebook or Netbook repairing? We have extensive knowledge of Dell, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Acer and Fujitsu to name a few. Have you just bought a new printer and having trouble installing it? Have you just subscribed to broadband and cannot connect? Have you just accidentally deleted your photos? If you have PC problems or enquiries then please call. See Price section under the Main Menu for pricing and contact details.

Our services & products

  • Internet connection problems
  • Network problems
  • Router / modem problems
  • Virus / spyware removal
  • System cleanup
  • System crash problems
  • System recovery / reinstall
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Laptop / desktop hardware repairs
  • Printer / peripheral connection problems
  • Mobile internet connection problems
  • Data backup from crashed systems
  • Software / hardware compatibility problems

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Computer Repair

Payment methods


Everything is PC Computer Repair Wrexham and Chester 01978 280800

Everything is PC Computer Repair Wrexham and Chester

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