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The blog of the Ancient Mariner: Day 4 of new computer ownership.

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She is now regularly been taking morphine (amongst a vast array of other drugs) and that seems to have reduced the problems of the heart both racing and skipping that she found so distressing. … Back in the bad (read 5 years ago) days Microsoft offered Outlook for windows and entourage for OSX, and although in many ways they were similar, they stored and archived emails in incompatible formats (this may still be the case, but Office:Mac now uses 'Outlook' too,

Pro Plus – iYogi

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New PC (First Time Use); Software Application; Peripheral Devices (Printer, Scanner, MP3 player, Digicam, etc.) Home Network Connectivity. Configuring email client (Outlook / Outlook Express); Optimizing system's Power

New Dell Venue 11 Pro Bay Trail Tablet is Too Heavy | Michael …

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On the other hand, if you are looking for a Surface 2 Pro competitor, the Haswell version of the Dell could be a contender since it's smaller and lighter: the Surface Pro 2 is 0.53 inches thick and 2 pounds, so it's quit a bit bigger. And the … Unfortunately, the Dell Venue 8 and 11 computers ship with a Synaptics digitizer (few pens work with that by the way), and it was reportedly pretty horrible on release.