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Laptop Shoppers: Exorcise the Ghost of Windows XP | Re/code

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On the software front, neither Microsoft's Windows 8 nor Apple's Mavericks — the companies' latest operating systems — have created much excitement, and in fact both firms had to scramble to revise them to fix problems . Walt's Spring Laptop Buyer's Guide … But there's a major downside — they essentially just run the same Chrome browser from Google, and the “Web apps” it features, as Chrome does on a Mac or PC .

dropping out is a smart strategy of cutting losses … – venitism – Blogger

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“Math: Math is a good grounding for anything computer -ish, but as a game designer rather than a programmer I still found algebra and probability indispensible in designing statistical systems for games. The state of the art …. The list includes Bill Gates( Microsoft ), Larry Page(Google), Michael Dell ( Dell ), David Geffen(Geffen Records), Steve Jobs( Apple ), Richard Branson(Virgin), Ralph Lauren(Ralph Lauren), Jerry Yang(Yahoo) and Zuckerberg(Facebook)