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7 billion reasons Apple gets health – MacDailyNews – Welcome Home

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… Apple co-founder Woz: Apple should make an Android phone (65); Woz has harsh words for Microsoft and the NSA; doubts computers will achieve consciousness (61); Concept video shows off stunning, ultra-thin Apple 'iPhone 6' (56); New York City Police Department beta-testing Google Glass (55) ….. Dell's smart underpants technology allows realtime monitoring of nads via twitter with added bonus; every pair has been personally tested and approved by Mikey.

We Don't Need Any More Shit ! | MyFDL

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A new computer is only necessary to run the latest operating system, which in the case of Microsoft or Apple is just the same thing but with more eye candy that serves little or no good purpose. Most of the innovations are still

Microsoft sales jump ahead of Windows 8 release – Where to get the …

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The Surface, which Microsoft is manufacturing itself, represents a drastic shift from Microsoft's historic strategy of relying on hardware partners like Dell ( DELL , Fortune 500) and HP (HPQ, Fortune 500) to make its actual devices. The hope is that it will allow the company to break the stranglehold that Apple's (AAPL, Fortune 500) wildly popular iPad has on the tablet market. Apple has declared that we're now in a “post- PC ” world.