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How Much Will Your XP Migration Cost? | CIO Blogs

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About this Blog: This PC Connection-sponsored blog provides valuable insight on the latest IT news and trends from technology experts and industry leaders. PC Connection … Organizations worldwide are struggling to control the costs associated with parting ways with Microsoft XP.

Israel's Chip PC Helps Cut Corporate Expenses With Thin Client …

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As long as each company employee can access all of his work on an independent hard drive, then any technical problems that might arise will only affect him. Once every work station is dependent on a connection to a … The company has established partnerships with Dell , which distributes its products, and Microsoft , incorporating the latest Windows embedded and CE technology in its thin client product lines.

Netcraft: Microsoft closes in on Apache Web server lead …

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After almost two decades of trailing the market leader, Microsoft's Web server software is coming close to rivaling the dominance of the Apache Web server, according to the latest Netcraft survey of Internet infrastructure. … These instances help ” maintain Microsoft's position as the largest Windows hosting company in terms on web-facing computers ,” Netcraft reported.

Did Apple's OS X Mavericks hit a roadblock? – MacDailyNews …

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“Other than freaking out Microsoft , which continues to charge up to $199 for a copy of the latest version of Windows, making OS X Mavericks free was considered a sure way to encourage quick adoption by Mac users,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Indeed, …. A lot of people are happy with their present computer that will last another 10 years and of coarse the old adage; if isn't broke don't fix it comes to mind with the mind set of most computer users.