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“Microsoft Windows Forever and Ever?” (Windows Magazine, June …

Andy Williams/ September 18, 2013/ Computer Repair/ 0 comments

[Here's another article I published back in 1996, this one predicting the problems that Microsoft would face as it continued to advance the Windows operating system. While I didn't anticipate in this article the rise of post- PC devices, nor the return of Steve Jobs to Apple and subsequent transformation of NeXTstep into OS X, I was spot-on in predicting that 95% of desktops would still be running Windows in 2006; it's pretty much that same percentage (91%) today.

The five stages of killing a tech product

Andy Williams/ March 27, 2013/ Computer Repair/ 0 comments

PC manufacturers have been baffled by the rise of smartphones and tablet computers – vendors like Dell , HP and Acer have been miserable at moving into the new product lines and they hoped that Microsoft could help arrest …

Windows 8 reshapes the laptop: Touch models on the rise …

Andy Williams/ November 2, 2012/ Computer Repair/ 0 comments

The number of convertibles is also in the rise at Best Buy, including products like the Samsung Series 5 “Smart PC Tablet” and Asus VivoTab RT Tablet. The big question is whether touch on laptops will give Microsoft and its partners an advantage over Apple , as none of Apple's MacBooks or iMacs have touch capability