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Something … wrong with US Passport computers – Catless

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iOS devices are still safe—from everybody except Apple and NSA: Serdar Yegulalp via Gene Wirchenko; When is a … [No one seems to be making any public explanations, except for this writeup at the Voice of America:] Computer Crash Halts US Visa, Passport Operation The U.S. State Department says a computer glitch will delay passports and visas being issued from its embassies around the world

E-Waste Management | Ontario Electronic Stewardship | DEll | Top …

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The e-garbage has become one of the biggest problems for govt., and companies these days, as they failed to meet the target what they have to collect the. … Currently the companies such as Apple , Microsoft , HP, Dell and others have participated into different programs or some of them have initiated but the thing is if these companies have not done anything to stop the generation about that much amount our world will not be good place to live anymore in coming 100

M$ Still Messing Up IT In 2014 | Robert Pogson

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And since the 'Strict' standard used by Microsoft is still neither fully documented nor open (it contains references to Microsoft websites, some of which no longer exist), data loss on conversion is a widespread and well-documented phenomenon. What makes this problem even worse …

Morley Evans: Who Started World War II?

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Foxconn manufactures all the products designed and sold by all the high tech companies such as Apple , Microsoft , Dell , Hewlett Packard, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic. If these companies know … The NSA collects all electronic communication — world-wide — and stores everything in the world's largest and most sophisticated computer installation in Idaho

Microsoft patches IE bug in Windows XP, but it's a huge mistake …

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Microsoft , after officially retiring Windows XP back in April, has decided in its infinite wisdom to issue a patch for the Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability that affected all versions of IE across Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. While this might seem like the right … There are millions of people in the world who have computers that aren't powerful enough to upgrade beyond Windows XP, and don't have the money to buy a new computer