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The Frager Factor: How Do You Like Your Donuts? Filled, Glazed …

Andy Williams/ January 29, 2014/ Computer Repair/ 0 comments

“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.” Tony Robbins 2. …. Perot Systems; Motorola; IBM, VMWare; Oracle; Cisco System; GE; Citrix; idealab; HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY; Research in Motion; Microsoft ; Apple Computer ; Sony; ULTRONICS Inc.; LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES; Pillar Data Systems; Dell Computer Corporation; Symbol Technologies; Xerox Palo Alto Research Center; Verio, Inc.; Google; AMAZON.COM; Yahoo!; Ask

Please, Microsoft, don't put Windows XP to sleep on April 8 – the …

Andy Williams/ January 20, 2014/ Computer Repair/ 0 comments

As Mark said you do get to decide when to retire your computer , but Microsoft should get to decide how long they want to continue to Pay millions of dollars for labor to provide customer support for an operating system that no one is actually buying ….. If a company has had 5+ years to upgrade from XP before support runs out, any security issues are their own goddam problems .